Travel Dates: August 24-26, 2016

Venice, Italy

Accommodations: PalazzinaG

The last time we were in Italy back in 2014, to my dismay we were not able to make it to Venice.  But since Croatia is so close to northern Italy, we decided to make a pitstop on our way to the Swiss Alps.  I was stoked.  Venice is arguably one of the most romantic cities in the world and I was thrilled to be getting the opportunity to explore it with my hubby.  


Getting to Venice was not as easy as we thought despite the proximity.  Perhaps it was our last minute bookings, but the only reasonable way we could get to Venice from Hvar was to take a ferry to Split, cab to the airport, hop on a flight to Austria, transferring in Vienna before arriving to Venice.  It was a long travel day but when we arrived, Amit surprised me with a water taxi ride to our hotel.  Not a gondola but romantic nonetheless, especially at dusk.  There is something really magical about a city that floats on the water, with no roads, just canals.

Our hotel was located in the historic center of Venice overlooking the Grand Canal.  It was located on the quieter side of town which we preferred.  The Palazzina G is definitely a more modern posh hotel, decorated by French interior designer Philippe Starck, which is a little more up my alley than Amit’s (he prefers rustic luxury).  We were upgraded to a Junior Suite, compliments of the hotel.  BTW, telling everyone we are on our honeymoon sure has its benefits!

Everything is within walking distance but be sure to arm yourself with a city map and avoid getting lost because all the alleys start to look the same especially at night.  Venice is also one of those places where 1-2 days is sufficient time to explore before you move on.  To make the most of our time, we decided we would spend the day taking in the sights of Piazza San Marco, and Saint Mark’s Basilica and then in the evening we were lucky to get seats for the Interpreti Veneziani performing the “Four Season” by Vivaldi at the San Vidal Church.  For the first time on our trip, we felt like we were really getting to experience the culture rather than just being tourists.  I’m looking forward to more authentic experiences like these.


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