Travel Dates: November 26-30

Accommodations: Four Seasons Seychelles

After spending weeks in the jungle and grasslands, Linda and I dreamed of stopping off at an exotic island in the Indian Ocean. We researched Zanzibar, the Maldives…but when we saw pictures of the Seychelles, it shot to the top of the list.



Like much of Africa, the landscape of the Seychelles is extraordinary. There are many islands in the world with white sand beaches and clear water, but how many have giant boulders on the beach with palm trees growing beside them? If I were to design a beach, it would look like the one we spent these days lounging on, sipping coconut water, playing chess on the giant beachside board, surfing nearby reefs. It was the perfect way to say goodbye to Africa and relax before entering the madness of India…




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