Travel Dates: March 27-31, 2017


Accommodations: Four Seasons

After an amazing yet equally exhausting time in Vietnam, we needed some chill time in our next destination.  Luckily we were headed to South Korea, where our only agenda was to eat good food!

EmptyName 1

As a huge fan of Korean gastronomy, I was pumped up when Amit told me he had booked a tour with Daniel Gray via AirBNB Experiences.  Daniel also just so happened to show Anthony Bourdain around on his Travel Channel show, No Reservations.  As you may have gathered at this point by now, we’re huuuge fans of Bourdain.  To properly introduce us to the dining and drinking culture in South Korea, Daniel took us to our first stop of the evening: Korean BBQ with wood burning grills and huge exhaust pipes that hover just over the grill so you don’t reek of barbecue after you leave.  I may have filled up on one too many banchans (small dishes).  As Daniel explained to us, it is customary in Korean culture to visit multiple restaurants and bars in one evening to eat and drink.  By the end of the tour, I was so stuffed I could barely enjoy our last dish, sweet and spicy Korean fried chicken, but I was able to crush Amit and Daniel at drinking games;).

EmptyName 4

2017-03-30 14.47.57

If you ever have a chance to visit Seoul, make sure you go shopping at Dongdaemun (DOOTA) market.  It’s an impressive mall featuring eight floors of domestic Korean fashion and it’s open until 5am daily.  It’s a shopper’s heaven with reasonably priced merchandise.  The best part is it’s duty free so make sure you bring your passport.  If you forget or don’t wanna chance carrying your passport around save your receipts and you can get refunded at the airport.

EmptyName 3

Our time in Seoul was short but just what we needed.  We ate, we shopped and then we ate some more!!!

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